Environmental assessment of entire CCS chains

Published: 29/09/2014

Together with consortium partners, Ecofys has developed a tool to support a broad set of stakeholders in assessing the environmental performance of complete carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) chains.

The environmental assessment is offered along the complete CCS chain. A key feature of the tool is to show results for multiple environmental themes or categories. Monetization of end-results is also possible to express the environmental damage costs across the life cycle. Such analyses may show under what conditions the benefits of CCS outweigh the trade-offs, from different stakeholder perspectives.

Outcomes of this project are scientific papers that describe the fundamentals of the tool, and lessons learned and limitations from a life cycle analysis (LCA) perspective. A summary report of the development and outcomes of using the tool to assess the environmental performance of CCS chains can be found here.

Environmental Performance Assessment Tool for CCS chains  © CATO 2