Engaging the Private Sector in the Potential Generation of REDD+...

Published: 01/06/2010

Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation is a prominent agenda item within the international climate change negotiations. It is also significant in many domestic discussions on climate change and mitigation.

Some of the issues discussed internationally and domestically include how to pay for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation and whether or not the private sector should be involved. If the private sector is involved, this leads to additional considerations such as the extent of involvement, how policy choices can either encourage or discourage the private sector, and how to maintain environmental integrity.

Climate Focus, Winrock International, and Ecofys undertook a study for the UK Department for International Development of the UK Government (DFID) on engaging the private sector in the potential generation of carbon credits from Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation in developing countries1 (REDD+). The study ran from November 2009 through April 2010. This document summarises its main findings.

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Katja Eisbrenner
Climate Strategies and Policies