Energy and CO2 savings potential of industrial insulation in EU27

Published: 19/06/2012

The EU Directive on Energy Efficiency aims at reducing the EU’s energy consumption by 20% by 2020. With current progress EU will achieve only half of these savings. Best Available Techniques that can contribute to reduce EU’s energy consumption are therefore needed more than ever. Industrial insulation is such a Best Available Technique. An Ecofys study, commissioned by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation, shows that there is a significant potential for reducing energy use and avoiding CO2 emissions via improved industrial insulation. The measures needed to exploit this potential can be implemented cost-effectively.

The study found that 10% or more of the surfaces in industry are either not insulated or covered with damaged insulation. Also, the typical insulation standards used in industry are often based on general maximum heat loss rates or minimum standards regarding surface temperatures and not on requirements related to cost-effectiveness or maximum energy efficiency. The total potential of switching to cost-effective insulation levels calculated in the study amounts to 620 PJ of annual energy savings in the EU and 49 Mt CO2 of avoided emissions.

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Martijn Overgaag
Sustainable Industries and Services