Energy and climate policy screening in comparison to the EU

Country profiles of Morocco and Ukraine

Published: 02/10/2013

The European Copper Institute (ECI) asked Ecofys to identify and assess climate and energy policies in countries outside the EU and provide recommendations for policy opportunities for the transition to a sustainable energy supply. Ecofys developed the methodology to screen energy and climate policies (based on the Climate Action Tracker methodology) and applied it to Morocco and Ukraine. For these two countries we developed a country profile that contains a comprehensive overview, description and assessment of the policies in place. On the basis of the policy assessment, Ecofys was able to identify and recommend on policy gaps in the respective countries. Morocco made ambitious first steps with establishing national renewable and energy efficiency targets, however detailed policies to reach the targets are lacking. Ukraine has significant GHG mitigation potential, but before this can be tapped existing regulatory, economic, technical and infrastructural barriers should be removed.