Electrical energy storage systems in Schleswig-Holstein

Published: 15/09/2014

This study aimed for recommendations for the support of power storage in Schleswig-Holstein. The analysis shows which storage technologies can be applied efficiently and effectively in the region which is characterised by high capacities of wind power plants. An inventory demonstrates the existing storage technologies and their application. In a second step, the demand for storage facilities in Schleswig-Holstein was analysed up until 2032. On the system level, an analysis of the residual load shows the required configurations. On distribution grid level, Ecofys analysed curtailment measures and deducts the demand for storage. The study provides recommendations for the development of storage technologies in Schleswig-Holstein and indicates which framework conditions should be changed to support storage projects.

Ecofys and Fraunhofer IWES carried out this study for the Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Areas Schleswig-Holstein.

Please find additional insights in the Ministry's German press release.