Defining Australia’s carbon budget

Published: 28/10/2013

The report by WWF Australia based on analysis by Ecofys gives recommendations on how Australia’s future emissions target pathway could be designed in order to contribute to limiting global temperature increase to 2°C. It suggests that the current target of 5% below 2000 emission levels by 2020 that Australia has committed itself to, is not sufficient but that the reductions should at the very least be at 25% below 2000 levels.

The report reveals that even stronger reductions will be necessary in the future, eventually resulting in a carbon neutral economy. As domestic emissions technically cannot be reduced as fast as required by the numbers resulting from Ecofys calculations, Australia would need to offset a significant share of its emissions in order to remain within its carbon budget based on effort sharing calculations.

The WWF policy brief and additional information is available on the WWF website. The calculations are based on a previous Ecofys report.

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Kornelis Blok
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