CO2 pipeline infrastructure: Lessons learned

Published: 25/03/2014

Currently over 6,500 km of CO2 pipeline is in place worldwide. Most of them are used for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) operations in the United States others are linked to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) operations.

In a study for IEA Greenhouse Gas programme and Global CCS Institute, Ecofys, together with SNC Lavalin, have built a comprehensive database containing detailed information on a selection of CO2 pipelines. Based on these existing CO2 pipelines, lessons learned have been formulated. The study focused on 29 CO2 pipeline projects covering all key regions and operating conditions. The database findings are summarised in a reference manual, but are also available through an interactive web viewer. The gathered information provides valuable guidance to project developers, decision makers, regulators and governmental bodies that are starting to work on CO2 pipeline projects.

The web viewer is available at:
For more information, feel free to watch the webcast of the project webinar.

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