CCS Implementation in the Netherlands

Published: 16/10/2014

The Dutch CATO research community has established an implementation plan for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the Netherlands including a CATO CCS roadmap. The roadmap comprises 26 actions to be implemented within the next ten years. The actions address five different CCS themes or issues which need to be covered to successfully implement large-scale CCS in the Netherlands.

The roadmap has been established in close cooperation with main CCS stakeholders. As guidance for the roadmap, a vision on CCS in the Netherlands has been developed. The vision depicts the view of the stakeholders on the role of CCS in the energy system in 2050.

The roadmap can serve as a solid foundation for CCS stakeholders from both industry and government but also from universities and research institutes to define their next activities. The government can make use of it by defining their short and medium-term CCS action plan. The roadmap is presented in an interactive form on a website that allows stakeholders to directly find relevant information on the actions and background information.

The implementation plan and roadmap are available at:

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CATO Carbon Capture and Storage Roadmap