Biofuels Baseline 2008

Published: 13/02/2012

The European Union promotes the use of biofuels and other renewable energy in transport. In April 2009, the Renewable Energy Directive was adopted, setting a 10% target for renewable energy in transport by 2020 and defining requirements to the sustainability of biofuels marketed in the frame of the Directive.

Ecofys supported the European Commission in a two year project with assessing the sustainability impacts resulting from the use of biofuels in the EU. This final report provides baseline information on biofuel production, consumption, origin of feedstock, and the related dynamics of international trade and policies. It also includes an analysis of corresponding sustainability aspects and land use change.

In 2008, the larger part of the biofuels consumed in Europe, were produced in Europe itself (about 70%). Most of the feedstock used for the production of these biofuels also originated in Europe (around 60%). Outside the EU, the national legislations are not yet prepared for EU sustainability concerns related to biofuels. However voluntary certification schemes are widely accepted and present in countries contributing considerably to the EU biofuel market, like Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The project was executed by a consortium consisting of Ecofys, Winrock, Agra CEAS, Chalmers University and IIASA.

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