Biofuel potential for shipping

Published: 08/02/2012

Biofuels could be one of the options to realize a lower carbon intensity in the propulsion of ships and also possibly reduce the effect of ship emissions on local air quality. By order of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), Ecofys investigated the potential of biofuels to replace fossil fuels in ships. The technical, economic, sustainable and organizational aspects of introducing biofuels to ships were researched based on desk study research and interviews with the market. The study proved that biofuels could indeed be a strong alternative fuel that enables the shipping sector to be carbon neutral as well as restrict harmful emissions to air and water. Main barriers for an introduction of biofuels are in the policy and organizational arena, and are less based in technical aspects as was commonly assumed at the start of the project.

Based on this report, Ecofys published an article about the potential of biofuels for shipping in the Biofuels International magazine. Please find it equally available for download.

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