Beyond 2020

Design and impact of a harmonised policy for renewable electricity in Europe

Published: 11/04/2014

The EU project “beyond2020” analysed and assessed how a European policy framework for supporting renewable electricity could be harmonised beyond 2020. The analysis included different harmonisation pathways, ranging from increased coordination to full harmonisation (i.e. all Member States using the same support framework for renewables).

The final report “Approaches for a harmonisation of RES(-E) support in Europe” summarises the main findings: based on a thorough multi-criteria analysis it argues that the most likely and feasible pathway towards convergence is increased coordination and “soft harmonisation” of RES-E support schemes and frameworks.  

Ecofys was part of a consortium led by TU Vienna, together with Fraunhofer ISI, CSIC, University of Oxford, BBH, TU Prague, AXPO, Comillas University Madrid, IREES and EnBW.

Next to the final report and summary, Ecofys particularly contributed to the following reports:

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