Assessment Dutch National Inventory Report (NIR)

Assessment of uncertainty estimates and QA/QC procedures in the Dutch National Inventory Report (NIR)

Published: 01/03/2010

SenterNovem commissioned Ecofys to assist it in setting up an approach to do so and to provide guidance. In cooperation with SenterNovem, Ecofys organized two workshops for respectively the Common Reporting Format (CRF) sectors ‘energy’ (with exception of ‘transport’ and ‘industrial processes’ and the CRF sectors ‘agriculture’ and ‘land use, land change and forestry’. These workshops were attended by the key persons involved in uncertainty analysis and sector-specific QA/QC procedures.

The CRF sectors ‘transport’ (part of ‘energy’) and ‘waste’ were considered by means of meetings with key people involved in the preparation of the sections in the NIR on these sectors. The goal of the meetings was to convey the conclusions of the workshops held for other sectors and to discuss the relevance of those conclusions for the CRF sectors ‘transport’ and ‘waste’.