Assessing the EC ILUC proposal

Dutch National Impact Assessment

Published: 15/05/2013

The European Union was the first region to introduce mandatory sustainability requirements for biofuels worldwide. Currently the EU discusses to amend the EU biofuels policy to include measures against Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) associated with biofuel production. The European Commission has proposed to introduce a maximum for conventional biofuels and incentives for advanced biofuels. Also, it is proposed that fuel suppliers are obliged to report on the indirect GHG emissions caused by biofuels supplied to the EU market. Ecofys wrote a report for the Dutch government assessing the proposed policy measures and their impact on the Dutch and European biofuel sector. The report also provides an overview of the Dutch biofuels market as well as an assessment of the Commission’s Impact Assessment which was published together with the ILUC proposal.

The full report is available by download.

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