Annual Status Report on NAMAs 2013

Published: 18/11/2013

Ecofys and ECN presented this Mitigation Momentum report at the international climate conference COP19 in Warsaw. It includes an up to date snapshot of current NAMA developments around the world as well as an analysis and overview of where progress is most needed. In addition, the report presents opinion pieces on NAMA related issues from nine leading organisations closely involved in NAMA development.

Since its introduction in 2007, many countries have started to prepare NAMA proposals. The UNFCCC registry contains 40 NAMA entries, and the Ecofys NAMA Database contains information on over 100 initiatives across 34 countries. At the COP in Warsaw, the first concrete donor commitments for NAMA implementation support are expected. The report argues that there is a strong continued interest in the NAMA concept, but progress is still slow. To move forward on NAMAs, building on the bottom-up approach of national appropriateness, we need donors to step up earmarked NAMA finance, and all stakeholders to facilitate learning by doing.

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