All Island TSO Facilitation of Renewables Studies

Published: 04/06/2010

The Republic of Ireland has set a binding electricity target of 40% from renewable resources by 2020 [Government of Ireland (2008)] [ENVIRON (2008)]. Northern Ireland is currently considering setting a similarly challenging policy target. Windpower will provide the dominant share of this renewable electricity generation and, hence, wind capacity will continue to grow significantly in the period up to 2020. This change in generation structure has implications for the real time operation of the power system. Related challenges have been acknowledged in the All Island Grid Study [DCENR (2008)].

The objective of the “All Island Facilitation of Renewables Studies” was to more fully understand the technical and operational implications associated with high shares of wind power in the All Island power balance. Consequently, building blocks for an operational strategy of the 2020 All Island Power System had to be developed allowing secure, safe and reliable power system operation.