Accounting methods for biojet fuel

Published: 22/01/2015

The aviation industry is developing and piloting the use of biojet fuel blends as a key means to reduce emissions from the sector. In response to the increasing initiatives and drivers for airlines to report their emissions, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has identified the need to develop proposals for biojet fuel accounting methodologies for the aviation industry.

This report assesses design choices for regulatory or voluntary accounting systems for biojet fuels that could be implemented by airlines and makes key recommendations. The design choices take into account the properties of drop-in fuels and of the aviation fuel supply logistics. Representatives from several airlines provided input to the development of these design choices.

ICAO, the UN agency for civil aviation, is developing a global Market Based Measure (MBM) for international aviation, which would require reporting of carbon emissions. Ensuring consistent, practical and robust accounting systems will be a crucial step to successfully demonstrate low carbon emissions from biojet fuels in the MBM.

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