Accelerated replacement of electric motors

Published: 23/08/2013

The study that Ecofys prepared with Atkins Global for European Copper Institute investigates whether opportunities exist to encourage premature replacement of electric motors by more efficient ones.

By installing efficient motors energy is saved and the emission of CO2 is reduced. Both contribute to the EU targets to increase the energy efficiency by 20% in 2020 (compared to projections made in 2007) and to reduce the emissions of CO2­ by 20% in 2020 as compared to 1990.

Companies can also benefit from replacing motors by more efficient types. It will reduce their energy bill and reduce the risk on unplanned downtime. Furthermore, the life cycle costs are lower. The higher initial investment costs of high efficiency motors are more than balanced by the lower electricity costs during operation. Last but not least, it will contribute to obligatory or voluntary improvement of the energy efficiency.

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