A Roadmap for Developing Energy Indicators for Buildings in Lebanon

Published: 30/09/2013

Commissioned within the MED-ENEC project that aims to promote energy efficiency in the Mediterranean construction sector, this report informs on the building sector in Lebanon. The report collected as much relevant data as necessary to facilitate the development of Building Energy Efficiency Indicators (BEEI) for different kinds of building types in Lebanon.

Such insights into the energy consumption of buildings are vital for establishing the country’s energy efficiency strategy. Yet for now the official data availability in Lebanon is too limited for developing reliable benchmarks. The main outcome of this research is thus a roadmap to collect data and calculate Building Energy Efficiency Indicators in a systematic way. For the development of the roadmap, all relevant Lebanese stakeholders have been surveyed during a stakeholder workshop and recommendations as well as concerns have been considered. This roadmap contains approaches for all parts of the defined Building Energy Efficiency Indicators and their necessary data inputs.

Please find additional information on the project at: med-enec.eu