A low carbon vision for Greece in 2050

Published: 09/09/2008

This study defines a low carbon vision for Greece in 2050, where greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 60%-80% in 2050 in comparison to 1990 levels. Per sector (industry, transport, buildings, energy supply, agriculture and waste) measures are defined for emission reduction. Greenhouse gas emissions have grown in Greece from 109 Mtonne CO2eq to 139 Mtonne. By 2050, emissions are expected to grow to 228 Mtonne. By implementing technical measures for emission reduction, greenhouse gas emissions in Greece can be reduced to 36 Mtonne in 2050, corresponding to 67% reduction in comparison to 1990 level. Some of the most important measures are: energy-efficiency improvement, zero-energy buildings, anaerobic digestion of manure, the use of renewable energy for power generation and CCS.