A Competitive and Efficient Lime Industry

2050 Roadmap

Published: 10/12/2014

Increasing carbon constraints towards 2050 invite the European lime industry to look for ways to become even more CO2-efficient, while maintaining its global competitiveness. On behalf of the European Lime Association, Ecofys developed a roadmap that identified options to reduce the energy use and carbon intensity for the lime industry. The resulting report regards improved energy efficiency and fuel switch (from fossil solid fuels to gas or biomass), and concludes that these options have limited impact. Two-third of all carbon emissions in lime production are released from the raw material during the production process and can be reduced by Carbon Capture and Storage or Utilization, for which the business case needs to improve to become attractive. In a Europe with increasing pressure on CO2 emission, the competitiveness of the lime industry needs special attention, particularly in the framework of the EU emissions trading scheme.

The roadmap report is available for download at: eula.eu

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Michiel Stork
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Technical report - 2050 lime industry roadmap (c) EuLA