Your Business Strategy for Renewable Energy Sourcing

Reap the benefits of a sustainable energy supply

Energy provision is undergoing radical change. Global, regional and local markets are drastically shifting due to consumer preference, the low-carbon transition and maturing energy efficiency technologies. Renewable energy is exponentially growing.

This paradigm shift has an impact on your company. An increased need for flexibility, combined with innovative energy technologies, leads to a complete overhaul of the classical value chain facilitating energy related business opportunities.

Ecofys can help you to

  • Secure your energy supply
  • Limit exposure to volatile energy prices
  • Lower the carbon footprint from your energy demand
  • Contribute to the energy transition
  • Enhance positive branding by better environmental performance

 4 steps for a powerful energy sourcing strategy

Based on 30 years of experience, Ecofys has set up a model to develop a strategy for Renewable Energy Sourcing in your organisation. This assessment model consists of four steps which can be carried out as a high-level quick scan, or in depth analysis. We help you to gain clarity on:



 Energy needs

  Understand your energy needs (electricity, heat, fuels) on a global level including functional use, demand profiles per BU / site, flexibility and cost of outage.



 Strategic needs

Prioritise your strategic imperatives: overall climate strategy, CAPEX-constraints, risk appetite, partnership/contracting preferences, branding-specific priorities.




Become aware of the feasibility of renewable electricity and heat options, market-based but equally on-site (wind, solar and bio energy). Through resource maps and databases we spot opportunities for you per geographical region.




  Stay on top of energy price developments (fossil as well as renewable) as well as regulations and regional adjustments.

Our assessment provides you with a roadmap at aggregated level, consisting of your business strategy for (Renewable) Energy Sourcing.