U-Value Maps Turkey

Applying the comparative methodology framework for cost-optimality in the context of the EPBD

Ecofys investigated and mapped cost-optimal U-values for the Turkish building sector. U-values indicate the insulating quality of a material. The lower the U-value is, the better the material is as a heat insulator. Main objective of the assignment was to develop a U-value map report, comprising U-values in line with EPBD’s principle of cost-optimality under Turkish market conditions and needed U-values for reaching Turkey’s official climate protection targets for different climate zones.

For the techno-economic analyses we developed a tool based on Commission delegated regulation (EU) No 244/2012 on calculating cost-optimal levels of minimum energy performance requirements for buildings and building elements in combination with the European standard EN ISO 13790 for calculations of energy use for space heating and cooling, considering local climate conditions. The maps have been generated using geographical information systems (GIS). Apart from the U-value maps, we also used the identified U-values to calculate potential energy savings until 2030 for each climate zone individually and for Turkey in total.

The results can be used to support a profound discussion on setting appropriate national climate targets and for amending the national building code TS825 in a suitable way.

U-values for cost optimality scenario, Turkey  (c) 2016 Ecofys

Find the report equally available in Turkish.


Sven Schimschar
Urban Energy