Sustainable Project Funding Tracker

Risk Mitigants Information Exchange for the Private Sector

Ecofys, together with our local partner Smarteec, supported the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in the elaboration of the ‘Sustainable Project Funding Tracker’. The web-based portal will facilitate informed decision-making during the due-diligence phase for small and medium size project developers and investors.

Aiming to support green growth in developing countries, the user friendly web-based product informs on the type of financial instruments available for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. To provide practical information to local developers and investors, we provided a set of local instruments offered in Colombia. This serves as an example of the plethora of financial instruments available to advance sustainable energy investments in developing countries. In particular, the tool provides:

  • relevant legislative and policy information
  • available global and local financing instruments
  • risk mitigation instruments for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

The overall goal is to reduce the transaction costs in the due diligence process for small to mid-size actors who may not be resourced well enough to quickly sort through the range of mitigant options and match them to their own idiosyncratic development risks. The tool has the potential to be expanded to all developing countries.


Angélica Afanador
Climate Strategies and Policies
Hydroelectric power station, Colombia (c)