Sustainability Strategy Workshop

The Paris Agreement calls for new levels of ambition in governmental and industrial climate action. Companies face new questions that demand new and strategic thinking on the opportunities and risks of the transition to a low carbon economy, such as:

  • How will future demand for products change?
  • How will the energy use change (more energy efficiency, what temperature levels)?
  • What will be the feedstocks of the future for the chemical industry?
  • How will business models change as a consequence of moving towards a circular economy?

Assisting the Utility Support Group (USG) in addressing these questions, Ecofys lead an interactive and inspiring workshop for around 25 USG managers. Leveraging strategic expertise and engaging tools, Ecofys supported USG in getting to valuable first insights. The workshop formed a strong basis for the further development of USG’s sustainability strategy. USG is a joint venture from SABIC Petrochemicals B.V. and Sitech Utility Holding C.V., taking care of the purchasing, production, distribution and sales of electricity, steam, technical gases, nitrogen, air and water on the chemical industry cluster Chemelot in the Netherlands.


Michiel Stork
Sustainable Industries and Services
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