Structuring a NAMA for funding in Tunisia

The NAMA Facility has pre-selected the Tunisian Building Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) proposal “Scaling-up Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector” to receive funding for the Detailed Preparation Phase as its part of its 4th call for projects funding. Ecofys, a Navigant company, and its partner Alcor are assisting the Tunisian Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME) in this Phase, supported by GIZ. They also supported the development of the initial NAMA proposal, financed by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German government.

The NAMA Facility supports developing countries and emerging economies in tackling climate change by funding the implementation of ambitious country-led NAMAs. The proposed Tunisian NAMA aims to increase the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures across the building sector. The NAMA will address barriers such as insufficient access to capital, insufficient technical and institutional capacities and low awareness.

The NAMA support project is expected to leverage direct funding of at least EUR 154 million of additional private financing in the form of commercial loans which could rise to 166 million when including customer investments. A further EUR 36 million of public funds will be leveraged through a government investment subsidy, which will be phased out gradually.

The NAMA support project will result in the installation of 134 MW additional PV in the building sector and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 390,500 tCO2e over the implementation period (2019-2023) below business-as-usual levels.

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Noémie Klein
Climate Strategies and Policies
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