Science Based Targets for International Post Corporation (IPC)

The International Post Corporation (IPC) is the leading service provider of the global postal industry that drives service quality, interoperability and business-critical intelligence to support postal operatives. It is a cooperative association of 24 postal operators in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. IPC’s solutions and services are used by over 180 post operating companies worldwide. IPC’s Environmental Measurement and Monitoring System (EMMS) programme is a sector wide initiative acting to address the impact of global climate change via a collaborative approach to reduce carbon emissions.

Ecofys has supported IPC and its EMMS members to set science-based group targets, based on the Sectoral Decarbonization Approach (SDA), which was developed by CDP, WRI and WWF with the technical support of Ecofys, the consultancy partner. The science-based targets have been calculated based on the IPC group emissions for GHG Protocol scope 1, 2 and part of scope 3 (outsourced transport).

IPC and its member companies have set a carbon efficiency (intensity) target of -20% per letter and per parcel in 2025 compared to 2013. Ecofys has verified that these targets ensure that the IPC and EMMS members as a group reduce their emissions to the levels needed to keep the global temperature increase below 2°C compared to pre-industrial temperatures, as described in the Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). According to Quality Check Process V2.0, the Science Based Targets initiative’s Steering Committee has assessed and approved IPC’s submission against the “Call to Action” campaign’s eligibility criteria. This makes IPC and its members one of the first twelve companies globally to have successfully developed science-based targets out of 120 companies and organisations to date that have committed to the call to action.

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