Roadmap for a Meta-standard for sustainable alternative aviation fuels

Before a global sustainability standard can be established for alternative aviation fuels, there has to be a consensus on sustainability criteria. In a project for the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Ecofys has considered sustainability ambition levels in the aviation industry, and reviewed existing regulatory and voluntary standards to produce a set of principles and criteria for a potential Meta-standard.

Ecofys suggests a three tiered Meta-standard to reflect different levels of sustainability ambition: The minimum required Sustainable Jet Fuel level sets criteria covering carbon stock and biodiversity protection, GHG emissions and additional environmental criteria, e.g. soil conservation, sustainable water use and air quality. Additional criteria, e.g. indirect land use change and social criteria, are suggested for the voluntary “Sustainable Jet Fuel Plus” and “Sustainable Jet Fuel Premium” levels. Within the research, Ecofys also presents a possible roadmap for the development of the Meta-standard under an ICAO GMBM.