Optimising financing of climate action in the EU

In order to achieve the climate and energy targets for 2020 and 2030, extensive investments are called for as well as a stronger focus on climate targets in investment decisions. The EU Commission has introduced climate mainstreaming of 20% in the current Multiannual Financial Framework. Yet to keep the energy and climate goals in reach, additional private capital will have to be mobilised.

Ecofys and DIW Econ are investigating which financing instruments are available at EU level in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energies and agriculture. Special attention is given to structural and investment funds, as well as instruments that mobilise private capital. Ecofys and DIW Econ analyse which financing instruments are used in particular in the EU-13 countries. These insights enable the project team to derive recommendations for an optimised and more targeted financing of climate action. The team also looks into the overall economic side effects of climate protection measures. The results were discussed at a workshop in Brussels in May 2016, and will be presented in a publicly-published brochure in early 2017.