Making supply chains resilient to climate change

With Mars Inc.’s global sustainability efforts and strategic commitments around renewable energy, sustainable operations and sourcing, they are deeply concerned about climate change, as it poses potential supply chain risks to their business. Ecofys, a Navigant company, supported Mars Inc. in understanding the impacts of future climate change on their supply chain.

Ecofys assessed the latest climate projections available for various locations in Spain and made climate change resilience tangible, both in terms of quantifying the risk and assessing the capacity of various stakeholders to do something about it. We undertook targeted interviews and assessed the adaptive capacity of the relevant stakeholder to cope with future climate changes. Ecofys climate resilience experts also identified a range of potential actions that could be undertaken to improve the resilience of the different actors in the supply chain to the impacts of climate change, and potential working partners and relevant projects which are currently focussing on improving the resilience of the region to the impacts of climate change.

With the results of this project the global sourcing teams in Mars Inc. understand how the impacts of a changing climate are directly relevant to their supply chains and which aspects of climate change will render the supply chain most vulnerable. This project provides accurate and in depth information to inform Mars Inc.’s approach to sourcing and informs their dialogue with key suppliers. Our team has provided Mars Inc. with expert analysis of the impacts of climate change on their supply chain and a range of actions for Mars Inc. to consider implementing.

Learn more about Mars’ sustainability efforts in their Sustainable in a Generation Plan.