IRENA Financial Navigator for renewable energy projects

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) aims to facilitate renewable energy project developments through the creation of a Financial Navigator in combination with a Project Navigator. The Financial Navigator makes financing options for renewable energy projects easier to find and more insightful. It considers countries or regions, renewable energy technology and project size to define and highlight funding opportunities. The Project Navigator provides projects developers with information and tools helpful for the development process of a project.

Ecofys provided the first batch of data, informing on 30 funds, as input for this Financial Navigator. The funds range from international global funds to a selection of private and national funds. Next to geographical and technology focus, the data includes general information on the fund, timeframe requirements, co-funding opportunities and contact informtion. Search options in the Financial Navigator make it easy to filter by technology, type of financing or location. The information collected by Ecofys has been verified with the financial institutions themselves in a set of interviews. These interviews also provided IRENA with additional information on the future developments of the funds.

By highlighting and informin on funding opportunities, project developers are able to set up a realistic financing approach and avoid developing non-bankable projects.

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Michèle Koper
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