Identify new business opportunities with Life Cycle Assessment

Green products are gaining market share and offer growth opportunities for your company. Moreover, sustainable product value chains are considered to be more resilient and enable managing the supply risks related to natural resources. Only if you understand the environmental performance of your products you can prepare for upcoming opportunities and risks. 

Life Cycle Assessment is a tool to steer your product portfolio

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a measuring method that can help you understand the environmental performance of your product portfolio including upstream (suppliers) and downstream (customers) activities. These insights can point you to possible ways of improving your products’ environmental performance, e.g. through optimising your supply chain. The findings can also be used for communication purposes, differentiating your products in the market.

Ecofys is your experienced advisor on Life Cycle Assessment

Ecofys, a Navigant company, has supported and advised a wide range of clients in the field of LCA and sustainable product portfolios. Our broad range of capabilities allows us to directly link LCA findings to developing your corporate sustainability strategy. We can help you set corporate targets within the 2 degrees’ pathway, develop emission reduction strategies, set up supplier engagement programmes, analyse the risks in your supply chain and apply the concept of circular economy. The three main areas where we can support you with our LCA services:

  1. Measure: understand your position 

    • Identify hotspots: Insights will help you to focus your efforts for reducing impacts.
    • Compare product performanceFindings will help you to understand your position against peers.
    • Analyse risks in the supply chain: The results will help you to realise a secure and sustainable sourcing plan.
  2. Take decisions: determine your strategy

    • Prioritise actions: Focus efforts to save time and resources.
    • Identify new business opportunities: Introduce new low-carbon products or explore new markets to increase your market share.
    • Set targets: Become a frontrunner and use the leading methodology to set science-based targets for your organisation.
  3. Communicate: inform relevant stakeholders

    • Inform your audiences: Use the environmental excellence of your products in your branding and stakeholder communication.
    • Benchmarking products: Highlight how your product compares to peer products to differentiate your market position.

We look forward to supporting you in your LCA challenge. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your specific project needs.