GHG Emission Abatement Roadmap

For industrial sectors in Thailand

In this project, Ecofys created greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction roadmaps for three industrial sub-sectors in Thailand: palm oil, frozen seafood and automotive parts. Ecofys compiled and produced GHG inventories for each sector, including emissions projections through to 2050. We examined the measures that can be taken in each sector to reduce emissions, looking at their potential, costs and other impacts.

As a result we produced marginal abatement cost curves (MACC) for the sectors from which we based a scenario analysis of different levels of implementation of these measures. The analysis examined the emissions reductions achieved, the costs and the impact on the sector itself. Ecofys then modelled the wider socio-economic impacts, using an input-output (I/O) model based on GTAP. The resulting reduction roadmaps for each sector contain policies and actions per stakeholder.

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