Examining the future of biomass logistics in the UK

Ecofys supports Baringa Partners and Llamasoft in this bioenergy project for the Energy Technologies Insitute. The six month project will model the logistics requirements of future bioenergy energy scenarios, identifying commonalities and differences across the different scenarios, highlighting potentially key decision points and actions required to ensure logistics infrastructure in the UK can support a growing bioenergy sector.

The project team will start by reviewing the current status of biomass logistics infrastructure in the UK and how it has developed, while also identifying and drawing on lessons that can be learnt from the development of logistics networks in other relevant sectors such as oil, coal and other commodities.

The future bioenergy scenarios will represent a range of future options, to understand the impact that decisions on technology choices and feedstock sources might have on logistics infrastructure development.

Find more information at: eti.co.uk


Stephen Critchley
Energy Systems and Markets
chipped wood  © Colin Smith/freeimages.com