Evaluating climate finance readiness for low carbon development

In this project, Ecofys provided advice on the strategic direction of technical assistance provided by the UK government’s International Climate Fund (ICF). The ICF is a five-year (2011–2016), £3.87 billion fund with the purpose to support international poverty reduction by helping developing countries to take up low carbon growth, adapt to climate change, and tackle deforestation.

We developed a methodology to assess climate finance readiness and applied it in selected ICF priority countries. Based on this assessment we identified, assessed, and recommended climate finance delivery channels in developing countries. The analysis focused on the energy supply and demand sector. In identifying new climate finance delivery channels, we investigated options for partnerships with established in-country donor organisations or programmes.

Through this work, Ecofys developed a strong evidence base of gaps in climate finance readiness. We suggested a number of feasible options for the ICF team to address these gaps effectively, and explored how each option would target the ‘readiness’ gaps, its absorptive capacity and its potential to deliver strong value for money of the ICF.


Noémie Klein
Climate Strategies and Policies
Vietnam is one of the focus countries (c) freeimages.com/EricaLaw