EU Monitor of Public Funding for Energy Efficiency

To monitor Member State activity and progress towards the 2020 energy efficiency target and to identify increase, stagnation or even set-backs in government support, it is necessary to keep track of dedicated public funding for energy efficiency. The European Climate Foundation asked Ecofys to provide insight into trends in public funding for energy efficiency in the EU-28 Member States.
The project and resulting study constitute a first attempt to provide a comprehensive quantification of the public funding available to support energy efficiency in the EU after the implementation of the EED in 2012. The evolution of the total amount of public funding shows an upward trend at EU level during the period 2012-2014. When this trend is analysed at Member State level, increases in funding are observed in 14 countries and 8 countries show downward trends or very substantial reductions in public funding.
However, the data on Member State level was not always sufficient and the results are therefore subject to uncertainties. The report therefore also calls for a better data collection process and makes recommendations on how to improve future national reporting. As part of the project, Ecfoys developed a monitoring tool to facilitate tracking of energy efficiency public funding in future years.