Energy and GHG emission scenarios for 2030 and 2050 in Flanders

Together with partner Climact, Ecofys developed a business as usual scenario and low carbon scenarios until 2050 for the Flemish Government. The results enabled the Flemish government to better understand the potential for greenhouse gas emission reductions per sector, in order to develop specific policies.

The scenarios were developed using the OPEERA model. The OPEERA model was initially developed for the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) in the UK and has also been applied for low carbon scenarios for several other governments, including the Walloon government and the Belgian Federal government.

The project was delivered in cooperation with a Steering Group from the side of the Flemish Government, with representatives of the Environment, Nature and Energy Department (LNE) and other departments including Taskforce Klimaat, VEA (Flemish Energy Agency), VMM-MIRA (responsible for environmental reporting to the Flemish government), OVAM (Flemish waste processing department), WSE (jobs and social economy) and others.


Edgar van de Brug
Sustainable Industries and Services
Sil Boeve
Energy Systems and Markets
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