Dutch Offshore Interface Management

The appointment of TenneT as offshore grid operator in the Netherlands has introduced a significant offshore interface between generator and grid operator. This interface requires detailed preparation, especially in this early phase of the Dutch offshore programme as a whole and Borssele project in particular.

The overall goal of the interface management process is to ensure the best possible preparation for TenneT in its role as offshore grid operator, fit to the needs of the winners of the first tender, the bidders of future rounds and other stakeholders to ensure a level playing field for all relevant stakeholders.

To mitigate interface risks, Ecofys will set-up an interface management framework involving all relevant stakeholders that ensures:

  • provision of working arrangements that form the basis of cooperation with the wind farm owners and future tenderers;
  • early buy-in of internal and external stakeholders; and
  • continuity of collaboration over the entire lifetime of the energy agreement.

With this project, Ecofys will help TenneT to take a leading role in preparing and establishing a good working relationship with the wind farm owners by listening to relevant stakeholders, thoroughly preparing the practical arrangements, taking into account all stakeholder perspectives.