Design and implementation of Emissions Trading Systems in China

Together with SQ Consult and Sino Carbon, Ecofys is key partner in a consortium led by ICF International that has been assigned to support the design and implementation of Emissions Trading Sys-tems in China. The project, funded by the European Commission (EuropeAid), supports the Chinese national and regional authorities via a series of activities over the course of three years. In particular, the focus lies on:

  1. the development and roll-out of an extensive training programme on emissions trading for Chinese government officials,
  2. the set-up and execution of a helpdesk,
  3. and the formation of rapid response teams able to support the Chinese government with de-tailed technical issues related to the set-up of emissions trading in China.

Leveraging their track record in working on carbon pricing mechanisms, Ecofys experts play a vital role in the support work around allocation and cap-setting.


Jialiang Zhang
Climate Strategies and Policies
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