Circular Economy: Get a head start

Economic opportunity through circularity

Circular economy is a business logic that describes practical and scalable opportunities, made possible by moving towards an economy that is regenerative and as waste free as possible. According to the World Economic Forum, circular economy could globally save $700 billion per year in material costs alone.

Circular economy can help your company to reduce the carbon footprint, meet your climate goals and at the same time manage the risks of security of supply of natural resources. Ecofys looks at the key levers of energy, material, waste, and more to develop your move towards a circular economy. We focus on reducing costs, improving efficiencies and transforming business models for competitive advantage. Rely on our support to yield new benefits from circularity:

Mapping and measuring (c) Ecofys

Mapping and measuring

  • Design optimisation, LCA analysis, foot printing and reporting
  • Material and energy efficiency, waste management
  • Stakeholder and partnership engagement
  • Circularity score card to map the performance of your products and/or clients

Idea generation (c) Ecofys

Idea generation

  • Awareness building and education
  • Customised or packaged training for your teams

Strategic growth advisory (c) Ecofys

Strategic advisory

  • Strategic roadmap advisory
  • Implementation of priority activities, success metrics and value creation

Ecofys offers more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of climate change and sustainability in close cooperation with corporate companies, policy makers, and NGOs. We are the official partner of Circle Economy in the Netherlands and founding partners of “One Planet Thinking”. Together with Circle Economy, Ecofys published a white paper on how circular economy strategies can reduce the gap between current climate commitments and business-as-usual by about half.

We recognise that each company, agency, or organisation is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. To support you, we translate the concept of circular economy into tangible and implementable steps that you can take!

Your journey towards circularity (c) Ecofys