CDM support to Masen for 160MW concentrated solar power plant

Ecofys supported Masen, the Moroccan solar energy agency, in setting-up the greenhouse gas emissions monitoring and reporting system for their 160MW Noor I concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in line with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) rules. Noor I is the first phase of what will be the largest solar plant in the world.

Ecofys assessed the current status of the monitoring and reporting practices on site of Noor I, made recommendations to adapt these practices to meet CDM requirements, and supported Masen in adapting their monitoring and reporting system to make it compliant with the CDM rules. The team also prepared Masen to the monitoring, reporting and verification processes. To maximise the impact of carbon finance, Ecofys analysed sources of demand for Noor I carbon credits and assessed alternative offset mechanisms and labels that Noor I could apply for in addition to the CDM. This included the Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard, and Social Carbon.


Jialiang Zhang
Climate Strategies and Policies
Concentrated Solar Power (c)