Assessment of the cost-optimal reports by Member States

According to Art. 5(2) of Regulation No. 244/2012, Member States are asked to report to the Commission on their efforts to establish a comparative methodology framework for calculating cost-optimal levels of minimum energy performance requirements for buildings and building elements.

Ecofys supported the Commission in checking the conformity of Member States with Art. 4 and 5 of the EPBD-recast (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive), and with the delegated Regulation. We ascertained that the calculated cost-optimal levels are reliable and that, if a significant gap between the calculated cost-optimal levels and the current minimum energy performance requirements exists, such a gap is justified, or that the plan provided by the Member State to reduce the gap is appropriate. Additionally, Ecofys supports the Commission in writing the report foreseen in Art. 5(4) of the EPBD-recast on the progress of Member States in reaching cost-optimal levels on energy performance requirements and improving the guidelines and/or developing useful tools to support Member States practices in the future.