Adaptation Knowledge Assessment

With this project we will provide an updated compilation and summary of state-of-the-art knowledge relevant for adaptation on 5 topic areas: ecosystem based services, transport, energy, construction, and climate vulnerability assessments. We will identify adaptation actors, assess the knowledge gaps in specific areas, and recommend the ideal levels to address them, whether that is at the international, national, sub-national, or sector level. This will help to improve the understanding and knowledge transfer of the latest knowledge on climate resilience across the five topics.

The project deliverables include thematic reports for policy makers on adaptation and climate resilience. They will contain recommendations for the design of a series of communication methods and documents in different formats, a compilation of a common structure to undertake future knowledge assessments, and detail how the European Commission can apply such information.

Ecofys leads a consortium for this project, which includes SRUC and UKCIP.

Dive into more insights and initial findings here:


Sarah Hendel-Blackford
Energy Policies
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