Swiss ETS-Allocation Support

In 2012, the Swiss Government set the legal frame for linking the Swiss Emission Trading Scheme (CH-ETS) with the European Emissions Trading Scheme. In a cooperation with First Climate, Ecofys has been selected by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU) for a consultant pool to elaborate the applications for free allocation based on the Swiss allocation rules that have been adapted to the harmonised EU allocation rules. Ecofys supported the European Commission since the very beginning of the EU-ETS in various design aspects such as benchmarking, monitoring, reporting and verification. Since 2005, Ecofys is also helping industries from various ETS sectors to apply the complex rules of the system. As a result Ecofys has an exceptionally deep understanding of the EU ETS, whose rules will serve as a base for the Swiss system for a potential linking. In the Swiss project, Ecofys advised in particular industries on collecting the right data and served as a backstopping entity for BAFU for more complex issues. In addition, Ecofys acted as an internal validator and was in charge of verifying and controlling data from ETS industries in Switzerland.


Jan-Martin Rhiemeier
Sustainable Industries and Services
Matterhorn, Switzerland