Support for the development of an improved Bicycle Policy in Beijing

Large cities in Asia and the Pacific, like Beijing, are suffering from the increase in traffic congestion. Globally, large cities that cope with the problems caused by the growing transport demand look after more sustainable patterns of mobility. Promotion of bicycle use is thought to be a possibly useful if not necessary part of the solution. In the case of Beijing a more comprehensive and active bicycle policy, integrated with policies on land use and public transport, needs to be sought.

Under this context, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) initiated this project with the main purpose to investigate the causes of decline of bicycle use in Beijing, to develop strategies to reverse the trend, to estimate the potential of increased bicycle use and to generate comprehensive bicycle policy recommendations for Beijing Municipal Government. Ecofys, working together with a group of transport experts from Chinese Academy of Transport Science and Haskoning DHV, analysed the current situation, identified positive available aspects that already exist in the city as well as various problems and causes, and ultimately developed policy recommendations. Based on the results, a toolkit on bicycle policy has been produced, which is generally applicable to major cities in Asia and the Pacific.


Matthias Spöttle
Urban Energy
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