Shore Side Electricity

Shore Side Electricity (SSE) is one of the measures to reduce emissions of ships whilst in port. When at berth, the ship is plugged into the electricity network instead of using the auxiliary engines. For the European Commission, Ecofys assess the SSE potential in Europe. Through extensive stakeholder consultation and desk study, Ecofys advised on measures to accelerate the deployment and use of SSE in EU ports. This will support the Commission in understanding the costs effectiveness, environmental benefits and grid impacts of SSE. By analysing the value chain of Shore Side Electricity and considering all stakeholders’ perspectives, effective policies can be made to stimulate an SSE rollout and tackle the “chicken-and-egg” problem of demand for and supply of SSE.

The project scope includes commercial shipping, tankers, roll on – roll off cargo and ferries, general cargo and cruise ships. Ecofys is proud to work on this topic, which is an important opportunity for reducing fuel consumption and emissions from shipping.