Seaweed Farm Test Module

Since 2010 Ecofys actively pursued the opportunity of large scale offshore biomass cultivation. This culminated in 2012 with the launch of a pilot test project for seaweed cultivation in the Dutch North Sea. This project was possible thanks to funding under the Dutch SBIR2 programme. The objective of the project was to create a test module for seaweed cultivation and test it in an offshore worthy environment.

Ecofys uses the results from the pilot project in its further research on offshore biomass cultivation in the Netherlands. In order to promote this potential, Hortimare, Ecofys and ATO set up the foundation ‘Noordzeeboerderij’ (literally: North Sea farm) in 2012 to promote offshore biomass cultivation. Ecofys supports the objective of the foundation ‘Noordzeeboerderij’ with its knowledge and expertise on sustainable biomass cultivation.

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Huygen van Steen
Energy Systems and Markets