Review of the EU sustainability scheme for biofuels

The European Renewable Energy Directive (RED) contains a target of 10% renewable energy in the EU transport sector by 2020. Biofuels are expected to play an important role in achieving this target. Any biofuels that count towards the target have to prove that they comply with mandatory sustainability criteria. Two years on from the implementation of the sustainability requirements, Ecofys, on behalf of the European Commission and together with Winrock and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), examined three important aspects of how the sustainability requirements are being put into practice:

  • Whether it is necessary and feasible to introduce mandatory sustainability requirements for biofuels in relation to air, soil or water protection.
  • The effectiveness and administrative burden of national systems being put in place for companies to demonstrate compliance with the mandatory sustainability requirements.
  • Learning lessons from the operation of the mass balance chain of custody system used to trace sustainability claims through biofuel supply chains.

The three reports are available for download on the website of the European Commission.


Sacha Alberici
Sustainable Industries and Services