In December 2008, the European Parliament and the Council agreed on the Renewable Energy Directive, which entered into force in June 2009. The Directive lays out the legislative framework for implementing the binding 20% Renewable Energy Sources target and stipulates binding targets for each Member State for 2020, with concrete measures in the electricity, heating and cooling and biofuels sectors.

In the RE-SHAPING project, Ecofys assisted EU Member State governments in implementing the Directive and guided a European policy for energy from renewable energy sources until and beyond 2020. In several studies, Ecofys assessed requirements and options for an advanced European policy framework for renewable energy. Ecofys also proposed best practice policies and innovative instruments to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of renewable energy support, to provide renewable energy target flexibility, to improve compatibility of renewable energy policies with the internal market, emission trading, innovation policy, and to better match policies with financial market practices. These best practice examples were supported by policy databases, indicator sets, and scenario analysis based on the long term renewable energy costs, potentials and corresponding infrastructural prerequisites.

The project encompasses several studies which can be found in our publications.
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