Promoting energy efficient vehicles

Together with TÜV NORD and Polis, Ecofys supports the further development and promotion of the EU Clean Vehicle Portal. Acting under powers delegated by the European Commission, the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) had launched the online portal in December 2010 to foster the implementation of the Directive on the Promotion of Clean and Energy Efficient Road Transport Vehicles. The portal’s aim is to contribute to an accelerated market introduction of environmentally-friendly vehicles in Europe. In supporting the platform, Ecofys draws on its vast experience in promoting clean and efficient road transport towards a wide spectrum of stakeholders. We will help to improve the portal’s usability by assessing needs, defining new features and forum functionalities. Our expertise will also be used to update and communicate on the content and stimulate joint procurement initiatives. Ecofys will be involved in the portal’s operational management for three years.

Visit the EU Clean Vehicle Portal at:


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