Profit and Loss Carbon Accounting of ASN Bank Portfolio

ASN Bank’s goal is to be climate neutral in 2030. To measure this, ASN Bank commissioned Ecofys to develop a cross-asset Carbon Footprinting methodology and tool to footprint ASN Bank’s total financial portfolio. This tool is used to monitor ASN Bank’s progress towards climate neutrality and to have a mechanism to collect and improve the data quality and to steer the bank's investment strategy towards lower impact. The tool shows the carbon emissions and avoided emissions as a profit and loss account, analogous to accounting in the financial sector.

The concept of carbon risks, carbon (disclosure) regulation and the development of standards is causing a spike in interest from the financial sector for carbon accounting of investments. Ecofys, together with ASN Bank, is the only party that has calculated the carbon impact of an entire financial portfolio and is communicating about this openly. We strive to use our frontrunner status in this topic to extend this service to other financial institutes.

Our work for the ASN Bank has recently been featured in a report on Finance Sector Leadership on Climate Change from the UNEP FI, GIC and IFC. In addition, the ASN Bank has published an infographic and a comprehensive description of the methodology:


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